Sharps Atlantic Pale Ale
The Atlantic Ocean, dynamic and constantly moving, possesses an energy which shapes and inspires the way we brew. Atlantic Pale Ale showcases the citrus aromas and flavours of American hops without the intense bitterness sometimes associated with New World pale...
Tetley Smooth Set of 4
Britain's best loved bitter - smooth and creamy.
Newcastle Ale
The so-called "One and Only" brown ale is a huge name in the beer world. Hailing from the industrial North East of England, Newcastle Brown is nutty and malty with a sweet finish.
John Smith Set of 4
From the Tadcaster brewery A distinctive full-flavoured smooth ale
Lagunitas IPA
Lagunitas IPA was their first seasonal way back in 1995. The recipe was formulated with malt and hops working together to balance it all out on your ‘buds so you can knock back more than one without wearing yourself out....
Doombar Amber Ale
The British Beer with a cult folowing. Sharps Doom Bar Amber Ale; full of succulent dried fruit, lightly roasted malty and bitter notes
Brewdog Deadpony Club
A truly hoppy west coast ale. Dead Pony American Pale Ale has been crafted using an insane amount of West Coast U.S.A hops that deliver a powerful zesty, citrus aroma and a hoppy taste. With its hoppy tropical fruit taste...
Old Speckled Hen
A robust amber ale celebrated globally for its fruity aroma and toffee notes. Goes perfectly with red meat and cheese and works a treat as a hearty fireside drink.
Abbot Ale
This irresistible ale has masses of fruit characters, a malty richness and superb hop balance. It is brewed longer to a unique recipe. This distinctive full bodied, smooth and mature beer is bursting with fruit cake and toffee flavours.
Hobgoblin Gold
A classic style golden ale from Wychwood; Hobgoblin Gold Ale is an infusion of wheat and malted barley, with a delicious blend of four hops. Light in colour, but full of flavour.
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