Fruit Liqueurs

Bols Dry Orange
Bols Dry Orange is composed of a harmonious combination of a distillate of Spanish orange peels and a percolate of bitter herbs. It has a marmalade orange flavour with a slight bitter note.
Bols Blue Curcao
A distinctive blue in colour, the special taste of Bols Blue Curacao truly distinguishes it from all other liqueurs. Bols Blue is distilled from a selected blend of herbs, sweet red oranges, the characteristically flavourful bitter Curacao oranges, and the...
Bols Banana
A clear yellow liqueur with the flavour of sun-ripened bananas, enhanced with a touch of soft vanilla and a hint of almond. Extracts of various carefully selected herbs and spices give this well-balanced liqueur its special taste.
Unique full strength white spirit with subtle flavours of orange
Bols Strawberry
This great liqueur is a harmonious combination of the finest natural ingredients, a distillate of refreshing citrus fruit and real strawberry juice. It has a striking red colour of fresh strawberries with an unmistakable strawberry aroma and the flavour of...
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